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How Much Does It Cost To Create A Navigation App Like Waze?

It’s a great idea to increase engagement and use in your marketing campaign at a later stage. Moreover, app’s interface is quite intuitive and easy to operate with. It won’t take too long to get used to Waze and discover all its functions. Passive, when the app analyzes cars’ speed to indicate traffic jams and suggest you the shortest and fastest way to your destination.

how do navigation apps work

Allows you to share your estimated time of arrival with friends and family. Gives alerts for traffic information, road events like accidents, and speed cameras. The social traffic app also alerts you to traffic problems and speed cameras. This app gives you comprehensive navigation, even offline, plus traffic features. Allows you to share your estimated time of arrival with family and friends.

It seems that we have mentioned all the “must-haves” for a Waze app clone. That’s good because there is just one question left to discuss – development costs. Anyway, we advise you to come up with an interesting and unique concept of UI instead of the standard “Google Maps-like” design. Because your app won’t look catchy and it will easily be forgotten. On the other hand, a too original design may not be accepted by many users, so think your UI concept through and out.

Best For Road Trips: Inroute

It definitely sets them apart from other remote developers. This is definitely the most controversial part of the app. I personally know a few people that refused to use the app due to its “childish” design. Yet, it’s also pointlessly to argue that this is one of the most memorable details as well.

how do navigation apps work

Offers voice turn-by-turn navigation in different languages. Sometimes hard to get back on track if you go off the route. Turn-by-turn directions also factor in severe weather .

Let’s you plan a road trip route and discover places to stop along the way. Free version has limited map selection and no offline capability. You will need a Premium GPS subscription for $39.99 per year or GPS subscription for $19.99 per year for more maps and features. Explore the backroads and download hiking routes with this GPS app that excels at offline navigation. Users report that after an update in 2021, offline functions like search and accurate routing no longer work.


You can also report traffic conditions for other users and send your ETA to contacts through email or text. Have the app’s alert widgets visible while using another navigation app. Has safety how to build a gps app features like lane assistance, speed-limit warnings and a heads-up display for safer night driving. Users reported problems with how the map followed their position along the route.

how do navigation apps work

Because everything is offline, this app uses less battery power than others that run in the background. Feature to connect the app to Facebook so your location is posted in your timeline. Maps and navigation are supported even in offline environments.

️ Which Technologies Do You Need To Develop A Navigation App Like Waze?

The easiest way is to implement a voice recognition system that lets drivers build routes only with their voice commands. CoPilot is works especially well for RVers, truck drivers and work fleets due to its industry standard PC Miler routing. This ensures a truck-legal route for oversized vehicles. Additionally, the offline feature helps you avoid high mobile data costs, making it more affordable for an enterprise solution. For long road trips with more than 7 waypoints you need a subscription to Roadtrippers Plus, which costs $6.99 per month or $29.99 per year. GPS/Geolocation is the core function of any navigation app.

So, the minimum cost to build a navigation app starts at $40,000 and grows in proportion to app’s complexity. The custom Waze’s interface is also one of the reasons why you can recognize this app in just a few seconds. Instead of standard navigation design Waze has funny and nice cartoon-like icons. Add-ons are this “secret component” which makes Waze so unique and catchy. With its help, you can expand the list of possible functions and personalize your interaction with the app. For example, add-ons can integrate Foursquare and Facebook friends to Waze or notify you when driving through a high-crime area.

Polaris Gps Navigation

Can notify one or more of your contacts with your estimated time of arrival. Live traffic camera feature allows you to see how many cars are on the road. The more you use the app, the better it gets to know you, learning your frequently used routes and destinations, as well as the hours when you commute. They understand what it takes to be a great service provider, prioritizing our success over money. I think their approach to addressing ambiguity is their biggest strength.

Eta Live Traffic Alert

At first, use Google Cloud API or API.AI to transform voice commands into a text. Then send it in the HERE iOS and Android SDKs or Google Directions so as to process this text and build a suitable a route. Moreover, you can also upload photos and add notes to provide others with the totally complete and accurate data. Finally, you get the most up-to-date traffic information from the same drivers as you are. Google Map’s Explore Street View feature allows you to zoom in to many areas on the map to actually see what it looks like!

Nowadays Waze is the second most popular navigation app in the American Apple’s App Store. It may seem unbelievable that 9 years after the first release it holds close attention of users all over the world. Report the location of speed cameras, and see other users’ reports of where they are. Premium subscriptions required for some features after 7 days of use. Sygic Premium+ costs between $12.49 and $26.99 depending on the features and country. Gives up-to-date traffic, road hazard and weather information at both your current location and destination.

In the US, the weather radar and weather station components of the app let you see how conditions will affect your trip. Has pre-planned routes and trip guides with restaurant and sightseeing ideas. Gives turn-by-turn driving directions based on information from other navigation services. Calculates routes using traffic information and gives turn-by-turn directions. Map download is free, and you can customize the app with different voices and navigation icons. Can plot routes for different kinds of vehicles, with different map styles.

You also get lane guidance which is a big help in congested highway driving where getting over at the last minute is not an option. So don’t forget to implement the tools that will allow your users to share this kind of information with their community. It may erroneously seem that we don’t need such a diversity of car navigation apps because they all are quite similar. “What can you add to a navigation app except for the navigation? And the Waze navigation app is one of the brightest examples. In this article we will find out what kind of an app Waze is and how much it costs to build something similar.

Users report the app doesn’t always refresh or show the current ETA. Ability to confirm other users’ alerts when you are traveling the same route. Has voice-guided driving navigation as well as pedestrian navigation. Traffic spotters can report traffic and other dangerous conditions.

One of the original navigation services in desktop format also exists in app form. Phone battery can be drained quickly because the app is always updating with new information. Community editors are constantly updating the maps to keep everything up to date. This app stands apart due to its crowd-sourced traffic information. The granddaddy of GPS navigation options for almost any type of transportation.

Your helper here is Google Maps Directions API, which provides you with a list of turn-by-turn instructions and readable notifications. As an alternative, you can use Skobbler or HERE Maps SDKs to make your idea a reality and create an effective tracking system for your users. Yet, we at Stormotion care about UX of our clients’ apps and always want to be sure that they comprehensively solve problems of users. We deeply believe that a perfect car navigation app like Waze at some point of its’ lifecycle should include the following features. Waze is a GPS navigation app with a broad variety of useful and amusing features.

Copilot Gps Navigation

Premium version has audio navigation, traffic information and 3D maps. See in real time when your friends are arriving at your destination. Offers an array of features including auto-follow mode, turn-by-turn directions and traffic data. Lets you know about accidents, construction, police, road closures and other traffic-related items in real-time so you can choose an alternate route. Offers automatic rerouting due to traffic, accidents, or other road conditions.

Users have reported that updates have made the maps load slowly, the interface is difficult to use, and maps can be hard to read. Full offline functionality, including a search function, navigation, and the ability to find things like restaurants or ATMs. Can save you time by allowing you to find the most efficient route based on traffic conditions. Nothing for an MVP, but some apps also provide users with a choice of voices .

Google Maps, provides simple, accurate maps for driving, public transportation, cycling and walking, all in an interface that many of us are used to. This is essentially the gold standard of free GPS navigation apps. Critics generally agree that Google Maps outperforms the iPhone’s native maps application, Apple Maps. If you’re thinking about a new navigational app, check out these popular options. If you want to reduce navigation app development costs, you can start with something simpler and smaller, but also cheaper. Any distraction can potentially provoke an accident, so take care of such situations even before they happen.

Can be used to provide more info about a traffic issue or chat with other drivers while being stuck in traffic. Mapbox is highly customizable, especially when it comes to location snapping or voice instructions. Always-up-to-date map with accurate ETAs and predictive traffic. First of all, think about the essentials of your future app.

In addition to stopovers, inRoute offers cool interactive weather and elevation charts that give drivers an in-depth look at the terrain ahead. For example, you can completely customize your route by looking at alternatives for each leg of a route, not just the options for the entire route. This way, you can easily customize your entire journey. Gives you an estimated arrival time at your destination, as well as driving directions.

Drop pins in places you want to go and the app configures a route. Notifications about traffic congestion may not be accurate. Some users have noted safety and privacy concerns due to location sharing.

All together they provide users with an exciting and funny experience. A custom catchy design is also one more reason to fall in love with this app. Users report the map within the app is not good, speed limit alerts often don’t function and there are not enough users reporting traffic information. So it’s not a surprise that it has attracted millions of users all over the world. In this article, we have told you how you can get a piece of this popularity too by building an app like Waze. Sometimes the most fun route to your destination isn’t a straight line.

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