QuickBooks Tip: How To Backup QuickBooks

Is Quickbooks On Dropbox

Jo Ellen — I’m not aware of any safe file sharing sevice for the QuickBooks Company file at this point. The other option would be to have QuickBooks hosted or login remotely using TeamViewer , Logmein Free or another remote access service.

Is Quickbooks On Dropbox

If ‘Require viewers to sign in with their corporate name account’ option is enabled you will see ‘Unknown file store’ error in the process of importing the file. Also try uploading your file again in 2-3 minutes, as a time lag of DropBox permissions update could cause it. The Desktop version of QuickBooks does an amazing job, all in one place, but the bummer is – as a desktop program – it’s literally “in one place”.

Dropbox + QuickBooks Online Integrations

The Sugar Sync website specifically lists Outlook.pst, Quicken and Quickbooks as file types that they do not support. I asked them about those file types and they assured me that they were supported.

To Integrate Dropbox and QuickBooks Online with DreamFactory, book a demo with DreamFactory. DreamFactory is an open source API gateway that can handle all of your customized integrations.

The best integration platforms to connect QuickBooks Online and Dropbox

I have set this up in numerous situations to support automated file system backup scenarios and it does work flawlessly when managed properly. It all depends on the number of applications being integrated, the ability to easily integrate with the applications, and the numbers and complexity of the business workflows being built.

It gives you the ability to upload and sync any folder on your computer. So much for using Dropbox w/ QB — I found this thread when searching for solution. Wordfence is a security plugin installed on over 4 million WordPress sites.

First of them is the necessity of QuickBooks installation on the device to read or work on the QuickBooks files. If QuickBooks Desktop is not installed on the device, you can download QB files, but cannot work on them. Type a file name for the backup in the area next to „File Name.” Click „Save.”. Qbox will additionally display the sync progress at the bottom of the explorer panel. To begin the synchronisation procedure, return the Qbox Sync mode to Auto. Open the email from Qbox and tap on the link to reset your password.

The owner of this site is using Wordfence to manage access to their site. Share and discover new ways to work smarter with Dropbox in our community. I’m new to Quickbooks but a long time fan of DropBox and working from multiple machines. This quick guide walks you through the process of adding the Journal of Accountancy as a favorite news source in the News app from Apple. Data analytics has become a hot topic, but many organizations have not yet managed to understand its potential, let alone put it to work. This report will take a deep-dive on how to best introduce or enhance the use of data in decision-making. QuickBooks OnlineTriggered when an existing customer is updated.


This module retrieves number of files/folders till 4000. Use the webhook trigger to receive data from a wide range of services in multiple formats, including JSON, form data, and plain text. Works like a charm, and I have no fear about “mucking up” the live data file. We have our own upload and download section on our own website for client files. Also you may want to have a timer when program exits that waits for 10 minutes before clearing the lock file. That way there is time for the new file to propogate to the shared folder.

Is Quickbooks On Dropbox

I looks like that you need to wait until all files are syncronized with the Dropbox server. However, i still find the whole process not as quick as I expected. Sometimes I find that work done on another computer does not reflect on the one working on. Google Drive and Dropbox are both great places to store files, but sometimes you’re going to want to move a file that’s in Google Docs over to Dropbox. Here’s how to do that, both manually for an individual file or automatically for every file in a folder.

QBox vs Other Cloud Services

Create a directory that will only be used for backup files, or use your Magic Briefcase. When the completion bar vanishes, the sync icon transforms back to a check, and the time and date are current, and the sync is complete. Anyone accessing the content in their Qbox client will notice that it is locked and who is locking it. When you access a shared document in Qbox, it becomes locked, meaning no one else can change it. Launch Qbox Explorer and navigate to the Sync location to paste the copied files. DocumentSnap was created by Brooks Duncan (that’s me).

I start the program FROM MY COMPUTER’s SAVED and it seems to go to DB to load the latest data saved. I do not get duplicated or conflicted files unless I try to open in from 1 computer while the company is already open on another computer – . I would stay away from using Dropbox for QuickBooks company files . There is simply too much that can go wrong, and the risk of file corruption is too great.

Is Quickbooks On Dropbox

There are many considerations when designing the connection between Dropbox and Quickbooks . There can be security and performance criteria, as well as the physical access available to the applications. The two common connection types of applications that are typically connected are SaaS and On Premises. DreamFactory is the premier API lifecycle management platform. If you are like me, you have tons of questions, and I haven’t touched on many of the great features Qbox currently has and they are working on even more. Yes, you can use Qbox with almost any other software add on (, TSheets), and yes you can use it multi-user mode .

Business logic are workflows that are the real meat and potatoes of the integration. It’s where all the business processing happens and is made up of events, triggers, rules, and more. It’s what allows all of the real-time or batched communication and automation of the front-end website with data and logic from the back-office applications. This is what extracts and exposes all of the value of your website / marketplace project. I would only recommend storing QBD data file on a cloud storage (e.g GDrive, DBox) for the backup purpose. You should download the data file locally anytime you want to work on it, and reupload back to the cloud later. Some of our clients have said that their data files tend to corrupt when opening it direcly to the cloud.

QuickBooks Online to Pipedream

Every night after entering the daily sales reports she backed QuickBooks up to the thumb drive. Remember, you have no excuse to not backup your company file to an external source at little or no cost to your business. You now know how you can easily share QuickBooks files with your clients using Qbox. If you’d like to watch me walk through this process check out the videos below. After creating a Qbox account it’s easy to copy and paste your files into the Qbox Explorer. A good reason to use Qbox over other cloud services is that your QuickBooks files will get corrupt over time when using a service like Google Drive or Dropbox.

Yes, you can share other types of files, and so much more. Currently, the only use of their server is to run QuickBooks Desktop’s server app, which I know very well is the only supported way to implement multi-user access.

Yes, you can use the free plan of Zapier, Make aka Integromat, Automateio, Integrately or SyncSpider to connect QuickBooks Online to Dropbox for free, albeit with some limitations. You can use open source workflow automation tool to self-host your integration script between QuickBooks Online and Dropbox. You can connect QuickBooks Online and Dropbox automatically using no-code Workflow Automation Tool.

You either get the file in a state that allows you to make changes to it, or you get it in ready-only mode. You sync it to your computer, work on the file, and then sync it back.

New or modified file or folder

Then sync down to the shared user’s folders in their Qbox Explorers. Unlike other cloud storage services, Qbox was designed to work with QuickBooks files. Its ability to lock files from use means your files will not get corrupted over time. Which is likely to happen when using other cloud services. Qbox is a paid service that’s cloud storage for QuickBooks files. It’s fairly cheap and well worth it if you often share files with clients. But it eliminates the expenses of local infrastructure, which eventually makes it an affordable solution.

Adds a new line to an existing text file, or creates a file if it doesn’t exist. By signing up, you agree to Zapier’s terms of service and privacy policy. You have clicked a link to a site outside of the QuickBooks or ProFile Communities. By clicking „Continue”, you will leave the community and be taken to that site instead.

Make sure the number of files/folders in the watched folder does not exceed 4000. Even though both of the methods mentioned above will offer you mobility benefits, but hosting QuickBooks on the cloud has an edge over cloud storage of QB files. Any modifications Is Quickbooks On Dropbox made to this file on my machine will sync with the Qbox file in the cloud. Then it will be sent to any Qbox clients that have shared this file with them. Qbox establishes ‘Sync folders’ on the profile owner’s and shared users’ Windows PCs during installation.

After my external drive died, and I loose all of my photos, i was very angry. Then I tried Dropbox , Sugarsync , and now I am using Copy. There’s a recent discussion about this issue in the QB support community that might be useful to read. If a customer calls me with a problem they’re having I can go in and view the file even if they have it open. You’ll see a message letting you know the file can’t be locked by you because it’s already locked by another user. When you open a file that’s shared in Qbox the file becomes locked so no one else can edit that file.

Can I use my QuickBooks on more than one computer?

Yes, the multi-user mode in QuickBooks Pro allows multiple users to collaborate on the same company file at the same time. All users must be networked and must each have their own QuickBooks license. The standard QuickBooks Pro license lets you install the product on up to 3 computers.

Dropbox is world’s renowned file hosting service software, which delivers reasonable IT solutions for cloud storage, file synchronization, personal cloud, and client software. Besides conventional file sharing features, this software works substantially for powerful cloud storage which serves as a dependable back-up drive for data. It works appreciably for syncing files across devices and offers a wide range of tool’s integrations. The users can save a file on their desktop into a Dropbox folder and can access it later. If your business requirements include sharing and accessing QuickBooks files from anywhere, QuickBooks hosting can be an ideal option.

Get started for free, then upgrade for more space and security features. I recently moved to TopBox for cloud storage which automatically syncs from my local hard-drive to the TopBox cloud. Quickbooks Desktop cannot open the Company File, not matter how I try to do it. I must first copy the file from the cloud to a local drive that is not being linked to the cloud. That file is all that is needed for Quickbooks to open the Company and generate all of the other needed Quickbooks files. You can use your recent backup and Restore to the C drive, not in the Dropbox folder. You can try moving everything, but make sure you have QB closed and DropBox is done updating.

You can find Brooks on Twitter at @documentsnap or @brooksduncan. There are lots of links in the article to examples of problems that come up, and quotes from other experts. I did some Googling around, and I couldn’t find many examples of people saying they are syncing successfully. You can rest assured that we will work closely with you to create actionable business plans and accurate financial reporting.

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